Digital Marketing Qualification

DIMAQ (Digital Marketing Qualification) certification is a programme of standardization of knowledge and competence among industry professionals. It allows industry professionals to confirm their competences, streamlines the communication between marketers and agencies, and aids employers in assessing the level of knowledge and skills of their employees, acting as an essential element of both motivation and recruitment activities. DIMAQ acts as a tool of effective assessment of industry qualifications, improves the quality of the offered services, and builds market trust. It is compliant with the principles of the European Qualifications Framework and is part of the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme.

Benefits for employers

a tool and process to verify employees’ knowledge and competence

facilitation in recruitment process and employee development plans

contributes to company competitiveness in the market of digital services, and the increasing expectations of marketers and advertisers across Europe

a solution to a more coherent communication process between advertisers and digital marketing service providers

Benefits for employees

a Certificate and proof of competence in the area of digital marketing

exclusive access to a structured knowledge base on professional digital marketing and to discounts for attending local and international market events such as DMXco, ICEE fest, IAB Mixx etc

a significant asset in an all encompassing digital environment that covers 12 areas including strategy and planning, display advertising, social media and content marketing, mobile marketing, cyberlaw, e-commerce, programmatic, and analytics

a validated certificate recognized and acknowledged by marketers and advertisers across Europe

DIMAQ covers not only global issues, but also those specific to a given regional sector of e-marketing (e.g. legal issues). The DIMAQ examination assesses knowledge in the scope of digital marketing on a general level (professional). It covers matters from 12 areas, including strategy and planning, display advertising, social media and content marketing, mobile marketing, cyberlaw, e-commerce, programmatic, and analytics. Every certificate is compliant with the principles of the European Qualifications Framework. There are two levels of DIMAQ certificates: general level (Professional) currently available in the Greek market and specialist level (Expert) awarded in the areas of effectiveness and communication (to be introduced H2 of 2018). Each certificate features an individual number and has an expiration date. A special recertification programme is also underway so as to reflect the ongoing dynamic development of the digital marketing industry.

Views about DIMAQ

Neophytos Economou

Neophytos Economou

General Manager IAB Hellas


  • IAB Hellas decided to launch the Digital Marketing Certification DIMAQ, serving the mission of the Greek and also the European association to invest in education. Therefore digital business in Greece has now its own certification, appealing to the publishers, agencies, advertisers, marketers and the total Greek online advertising ecosystem.

Costis Paikos

Costis Paikos

eBusiness Services Manager, Eurobank S.A acting as Secretary General & Head of Education IAB Hellas


  • As Digital is growing on a rapid pace, the need for companies to recruit high caliber, well-educated professionals becomes imperative. DIMAQ acts as a cross industry market standard, providing companies with a valuable tool in order to evaluate and assess the competence of potential partners. For professionals, the certification is a global passport to the emerging digital world.

Adda Kirkili

Adda Kirkili

Business Transformer & Digital Accelerator – acting as DiMaQ & Master Trainer


  • I am honoured to be part of the streamlined certification process under the brand name Digital Marketing Qualification - DiMaQ empowering Marketing & Digital professionals to certify their competences and enhance knowledge base by successfully being granted a significant asset in shaping one’s career path. On the same note i find DiMaQ to be an important milestone for companies and employers to adopt benchmarks and facilitate recruitment processes as well as employee development and growth.

Andreas Staios

Andreas Staios

Digital Director UM – acting as DIMAQ Trainer


  • It is very difficult for an industry to evolve without well educated people and adaptation of new trends. IAB now gives to our market the opportunity to learn, participate and finally evolve further with digital marketing qualification. These are great news for our market. Personally, I am very happy and excited to participate as a DIMAQ Trainer, hoping that I will contribute to that effort and to our market upgrade. Good luck to everyone!!!

Georgia Zacharaki

Georgia Zacharaki

Digital Director Tempo OMD – acting as DIMAQ Trainer


  • I am honored and truly excited to work for the DiMaQ – the first programme of standardization and verification of digital marketing competence available in Greece. In the constantly evolving world of digital marketing our industry needs now more than ever a tool to stimulate employees’ development and verify their knowledge and competence. DiMaQ is the ultimate tool to facilitate the process of recruitment and of planning of development paths for current marketing and advertising professionals.

Wlodzimierz Schmidt

Wlodzimierz Schmidt

President at IAB Polska


  • The market of online marketing has been lacking a uniform standard that would let both companies looking for new partners and employers in search for new human resources or planning career paths for the existing learning staff learn of the competence of particular specialists. A Digital Marketing Qualification certificate, awarded by an organization representing the online industry in Poland, makes it possible to compare and evaluate the said competence. We're glad to see the process of certification being implemented on the dynamically changing market of Poland.

Maya Stylianou

Maya Stylianou

Maya Stylianou, Marketing & Communications Director, ELPEDISON S.A.


  • IAB`s preparatory session for the Digital Marketing Qualification is of paramount importance not only for successfully passing the exam but also for getting acquainted with the most important principles and trends of Digital Marketing. It assisted me in effectively clustering information and structuring knowledge on digital disciplines, understanding in depth primary digital tools along with the mechanics behind a wide spectrum of digital practices. I fully endorse DIMAQ for today`s Marketing Professionals, who strive to excel in an all evolving business environment full of challenges and to augment their competitive edge, considering it an indisputable asset towards digital prowess

Training Sessions and DIMAQ Examination

  • - DIMAQ exams are conducted under IAB Hellas auspices at «the EGG Enter-Grow-Go by Corallia & Eurobank” premises, and are taken using an online platform. The DIMAQ exam is composed of 80 questions in English language, covering 12 areas, with a duration of 90 minutes.
  • - Preparation for the examination: individual self-study based on the DIMAQ_Syllabus or taking advantage of the specialized IAB Hellas preparatory training sessions that have shown increased Pass Rates also based on other IAB countries experiences.
  • - The DIMAQ Preparation Training: 16 hours in 4 afternoons between 18:00 - 22:00 leading to the Exam day whish is usually a Saturday morning.
  • An indicative program is:
  • Week 1 – Wednesday & Thursday afternoon sessions 18:00- 22:00 and suggested Weekend self-study based on preparatory study material 
  • Week 2 - Wednesday & Thursday afternoon sessions 18:00 – 22:00 and suggested Weekend self-study based on preparatory study material 
  • Week 3 – Saturday morning certification exam session usually starting at 11:00
  • - The appointed certified DIMAQ trainers also perform the DIMAQ Examination Preparatory Training or Custom and Tailored trainings for Closed Groups at company premises. Contact us to find out more.

Check out the examination premises and first DIMAQ Professionals:

Nearest dates of examination sessions

If you wish to register for an examination, select a date convenient to you and proceed to the registration form:

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a DIMAQ Cerificate?

In order to get a certificate, you need to pass the examination, i.e. get a positive exam result.

What do I need to know to pass the examination?

The topics and issues covered in the test are included in the syllabus – you can get it here.

It also comes with a set of sample questions.

When can I take the examination?

Examination dates are available on website. For further information email

What is the procedure for the DIMAQ examination

The examination is an online test. It contains both single choice and multiple choice questions, and there are no open-ended questions. Each registrant for the DIMAQ Examination takes the test at a computer station provided and made available by the organizer.

Where does the exam take place?

Tests are taken at IAB Hellas appointed seat – EGG (, 190 Syngrou Avenue
176 71 Kallithea, Greece. If you wish to organize an examination session for a larger group in a different place, please contact

What is the exam duration?

The test lasts 90 minutes. There are a few formalities to be handled before the test, and you will be asked to wait for the exam results after the exam, so please allow about 2 hours for the whole event.

When will I get to know my test result?

Test results will be made known to you a few minutes after the conclusion of the examination

How much does it cost?

The current pricelist is available here.

Can I keep on taking the exam until I succeed?

If you fail the exam, you need to wait 90 days before you can take it again.

What about courses and study aids?

We offer training sessions addressed to DIMAQ exam candidates. Training participants get access to extra materials. Apply Now for Training & Exam

How do I register?

You can register for the examination individually by clicking HERE or you can make a group registration by filling in a form you can find HERE.

Will I get a pass confirmation OR certificate?

After you successfully pass the exam, you will receive an official DIMAQ certificate with a Unique ID number and an expiration date.

What should I bring for the examination session?

Please bring to the registration desk on the day of the examination your ID or Passport, as well as the confirmation of payment.

How much time before the exam should I be in the premises?

Please allow 30 minutes before set examination time for registration and verification procedures

How can I prolong the expiration dates of my DIMAQ certificate?

Certificates are valid for 2 years. IAB Hellas Recertification Policy is under formulation and will be announced soon. Relevant EU DIMAQ recertification programmes involve either 1) Taking the exam again or 2) Participate in a recertification programme, which involves collecting points with participation in DIMAQ-accredited events and lifelong learning, involving updating one’s knowledge on an on-going basis.

DIMAQ Recertification

A DIMAQ certificate is valid for 2 years. Like in the case of every professional industry, certification requires periodic updates since we have ongoing dynamic developments in the digital marketing industry. The procedure of recertification is based on the idea of lifelong learning, which is to prove that one’s knowledge and skills are up-to-date with the latest industry trends. After two years of obtaining one’s certificate, it is necessary to take the exam again or to extend the certificate’s validity through participation in a special recertification programme involving collecting points for taking part in industry-specific events (conferences, workshops) accredited by IAB, participation in IAB working groups, and pursuing tertiary or postgraduate education. IAB Hellas Recertification Policy is under formulation and will be announced soon

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